Sundial  at Stavenisse






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This sundial indicates the solar time relevant to its position (Longitude) on the globe.





The shadow’s line indicates this solar time.
The clock time is thus this solar time plus 44 minutes in winter, and plus one hour and 44 minutes in summer.














The marks indicate the length of the shadow,
at twelve o’clock solar time, at the beginning of the four seasons.





 At 12 o’clock solar time the solar position is exactly in the south.
    In Berlin 12 o’clock solar time is also 12 o’clock clock time.
    It takes the sun 44 minutes to reach its highest southern position also in Stavenisse.









Note: All indications of times and dates are approximate.


















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        51°  35’  15”  North latitude

          4 °   0’  48”  East longitude

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